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Lightbowne Evangelical Church


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The Llamantations cartoons are the creation of The Lightbowne Llama (aka Barry Sellers of Lightbowne Evangelical Church).

You can post messages about these cartoons on our message board and get answers straight from the horses' (or llamas') mouth!

The artwork and ideas in the Llamantations series are the work of Barry Sellers, and he retains the copyright.

Permission is granted for free distribution of the cartoons by electronic or printed media so long as:

  • the images are not altered in any way
  • they are only used for personal or christian web sites and publications
  • no charge is made for the publication, distribution, viewing etc.
  • the copyright notice "©2004 Barry Sellers" is clearly visible nearby
We would appreciate it if you could also mention these web pages or provide a link to http://www.lecsite.org.uk/cartoons/llamantations/

If you would like to use these cartoons in any other way, please contact the author for information.

©2008 Lightbowne Evangelical Church