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Don't Be A Wishy Washy Christian

This article is based on a talk given by Debbie Budsworth to the youth at one the meetings of our Saltmine club.

As Christians we're called to be embassodors and soldiers. Why do we tend to ignore those responsibilities and opt for a quiet, but unexciting and unfulfilling life?

 Look at us!
Every generation thinks they are cooler than the last and that's true of Christians too. We always think we know better than the ones who have gone before. We have our little in jokes that the "oldies" won't understand. We use trendy names for Jesus and we think what God says to us nobody else has ever heard before.
"There is nothing new under the sun" Ecclesiastes 1:9
Don't get me wrong these things in themselves are not a major problem, the problem is when we miss out on the amazing wisdom of the "oldies" and those who have gone before. When our in jokes and trendy names become irreverent because we haven't learnt any better, and when we become arrogant because we think we're something special because God speaks to us.

We were only trying to follow God but we can end up alienating the rest of our Christian family. We don't seem like the next best thing anymore, more like a pain in the neck!

I know that's what happens because it happened to me. You see there are two sides to the coin: Each of us is special to God but none are more special than anyone else. Yes God speaks personally to us but He speaks personally to all believers.

There's things God wants us to do that no one else can do.
There's also things He wants others to do that we can't do.
So what's this got to do with being a wishy washy Christian?

 The Problem
What I see happening in the lives of young Christians as it happened in mine is this. We start to feel ignored or got at. We start to fight our corner. We take things personally. We take things to heart. We feel undervalued and ignored and it begins to wear us down. The fire starts to go out and we settle. The only time we get het up at all is when someone annoys us or upsets us, intentionally or unintentionally. And there it is:
We took our eyes of Christ and we didn't even notice.
See Revelation Ch3
Although these messages were for specific and actual churches at the time they were revealed and written, they definitely speak to us today. At first they seem like terrible judgements for certain behaviours or character traits but they are really warnings followed by the promise of great blessings for those who overcome.

God urges us to wake up, gain strength, remember who we are in God and what we know. We are urged to repent and obey. He tells us not to be luke warm, it's better to not bother at all than to carry on our work for God and not really care, to be half hearted, after all that's a half life and what kind of witness is that!

Far better to be hot, on fire, remember your first love, (Rev 2:4). Remember how you burned with excitement when you heard His name. You wanted to tell everyone. You were going to save the world! Where did the fire go? Don't worry it's still there it just needs re-igniting.

 The Solution

Trysting places

I'm a great believer in trysting places. A tryst is an old fashioned word it means an arrangement to meet someone, especially a lover. The trysting place therefore is where the meeting takes place.

I first heard about this concept while reading "The Cross and the Switchblade" by David Wilkerson. The idea is that we all have special times and places where we have felt particularly close to God or where we have had some great revelation. Why not go back there? We are physical beings sometimes we have to physically do something to make us remember how we felt. Maybe then we will start to see where we started to go wrong, how we started to loose our way. But an exercise like this is not about blame or judgement it's about getting back on track, it's about finding the fire again and re-lighting it, it's about meeting with God in a familiar and comfortable way.

It's a place where we can start again, where we can renew our commitment to the one who loved us enough to die for us. But what if it is impossible to go back, the place is no longer there, it's to far away or it's just to difficult. Use your imagination, you know what it was like you were there. In your minds eye you can remember. God gave us imagination we don't use it nearly enough!

Listen to those wise old Christians?

They might not seem to have much to offer you but they have a lifetime of experience. They've known and loved the Lord for a long time, most of them since before you were born.

Get into the word

The Bible is God speaking directly to us.


This is where you all go uurrg! Believe it or not prayer is exciting. He's the Creator of the universe and He longs to hear from you. If that doesn't blow your mind I don't know what will.


When life is good praise the Lord, when life is hard praise the Lord. How we feel about God shouldn't be dependant on our moods or circumstances. After all while God was angry and broken hearted at our disregard for Him, He sent His Son to die for us. It's a good job we are not reliant on "God's moods".


We should be living sacrifices. Surrender in faith to live for God alone.
 It's up to you
What are you prepared to put into this Christian life?
Do you want to be mediocre or do you want to be extraordinary?

See Hebrews 11:32-38.

Can you imagine what an extraordinary life you will have had if at the end of it God will be able to say :

the world was not worthy of you ..
©2008 Lightbowne Evangelical Church